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Miracles of Cold Laser Therapy

High intensity laser therapy has exclusive process patents on the most feasible and efficacious wavelength for laser energy – That being a wavelength with sufficient penetrating and absorption qualities to allow delivery deep into tissues.


More Power

The wavelengths, in conjunction with the custom, strategic internal design of these systems, allow energy levels that are ten to two hundred times higher in effective energy delivered to the injured tissue; in comparison with alternative therapeutic laser devices.


Better Treatment

Lower powered lasers of non-optimal wavelengths lead to substantially higher rates of absorption of light energy by melanin (skin pigment) and higher absorption rates by hemoglobin (human blood). These devices are by necessity underpowered—impairing their ability to achieve clinically significant results on the scale with the Advanced Regeneration high Intensity Laser Therapy Systems.

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Advanced Regeneration

It started with our own pain experience and our relentless search for something that worked by not only relieving the pain but also leaving us pain-free. Our journey led us to cold laser therapy, where we learned that there was a big difference in not only the types of lasers and their effectiveness but also in the clinics offering treatment services. Finally we discovered our high intensity laser and dev eloped a simple therapy around its use that worked.

Excited, we then launched Advanced Regeneration to bring our relief to others in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas areas. Our treatments work and can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes. We are proud to be the only source for high quality cold laser treatments in dallas, Texas.


Our Goal

Our goal is to be the first choice in alternative pain management treatments in Dallas, Texas. We pride ourselves in providing a solution that works and a staff that is both professional and caring.

We invite you to try our high intensity laser therapy today and find the pain relief near you that you have been searching for. We are ready to book your appointment, just call us at (469) 708-0005.

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Success Stories

Read for yourself how we have been able to reduce or remove pain.

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Didier M.

Didier M.

Professional Basketball Player

I was a professional basketball player for years. Intense practices and games took a toll on my knees. Both knees required ACL surgery at the time. I was suffering from severe knee pain and unable to drive my car for more than 30 min. After receiving 5 laser treatments from Advanced Regeneration my knee pain was completely gone. I returned to the gym and now I am able to work out again without any discomfort.