Patient X

A year ago, I suffered a concussion which resulted in a substantial TBI. After nearly a year, I had still not recovered fully – suffering from cognition issues, vestibular (balance) problems, plenty of eye dysfunction, and frequent fatigue. I had been through extensive therapy programs, diet changes, and holistic treatments which all helped in my progression through the year, but never fully healed me. Upon my first treatment with Phoenix Thera-lase at Advanced Regeneration it was immediately apparent to me that the laser was having an effect on my brain. I walked out of my first treatment feeling sharper mentally, energized and alert, and did not have that cloud of fatigue in my head. I continued treatments on my brain several times a week for several weeks. In that time, my eye tracking and pursuit dramatically improved, my overall mental fatigue was diminished, and my cognition and processing speed seemed closer to my previously normal than it had in the past. Because the laser worked so well, I continue going to Advanced Regeneration for regular treatment to include other areas of my body. After tearing my ACL and meniscus in my knee, I also had treatment for it and recently ran an ultra marathon following four weeks of laser treatment on it. For a person who has a rigorous and active lifestyle and physically demanding job like myself, Advanced Regeneration’s laser has been miraculous in healing me and providing maintenance on my body, from small aches and pains to traumatic injuries.