I am a very active person who have always enjoyed vigorous physical exercise. Unfortunately, physical injuries are very common among athletes. When I first found Phoenix Laser Therapy at Advanced Regeneration I was suffering from a constant pain in my elbow. I was unable to lift weights and practice yoga fully because of that nagging pain. I stared laser therapy for my elbow and after just one treatment my pain was significantly decreased. I had only 3 treatments, 30 min each, for my elbow to get fully healed. I had a large bruise on my leg that was completely gone in just two treatments and my old scars became less visible. Recently, I had a cosmetic surgery which left very prominent scars on my body. I decided to use laser on my scars to heal them faster and results were nothing short of miraculous. I stopped taking oxycodone (which is extremely harmful pain killer) after my second laser treatment because of the pain reduction. My scars improved tremendously after my third treatment, and in less than a week I was doing yoga. I have been using laser on my scars 3-4 times a week for 3 weeks and here are the pictures of my miraculous recovery. First picture was taken the next day after the surgery, a scary red scar. Second picture was taken the next day after my first laser treatment, a huge improvement with bruising, appearance of the scar and a pain level. Third picture was taken after 7 laser treatments, the scar became much less visible and the pain was completely gone. A great post-operative treatment for scars, tissue regeneration and fast healing!
Dallas, TX