Juan B.

gotcha admin
My name is Juan B. Three years ago, I began to lose strength and sensory perception in my right arm which resulted in atrophy. I was seen by a neurologist who suggested different therapies which didn’t work for me. I was unable to use my right hand and had an extreme weakness in my arm. I was referred to UT Southwestern Medical Center where I was diagnosed with Monomelic Amyotrophy. I began to lose hope that my condition will ever improve. I decided to try chiropractic services at the Wellness Institute of Dallas. The doctor suggested to incorporate a Laser Therapy at Advanced Regeneration in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. After a few treatments, I started noticing positive changes in my hand. I was able to move computer mouse and have more control of my hand. After two months of Laser Therapy twice a week, I am able to hold a bottle of water and my condition is continuing to improve. I am thrilled with my progress and I will recommend this Laser Therapy to anyone who lost their hope and is looking for an effective treatment.
Dallas, TX