Antibody Case Study

Cold Laser therapy has changed our lives!! TPO antibodies are supposed to be 0. There is a case study with a woman whose antibodies were 281. She was in the hospital with seizures (Hashimotos encephalitis). The study repeatedly mentioned how high these antibodies were. My daughter’s TPO antibodies have been over 13,000 for over a year (and have been well over 300 for many years). After 5 treatments of cold laser on her thyroid and I think about 9 on her spine, my daughter’s physical thyroid is showing less inflammation, her thyroid levels are improved and her antibodies are down to 279!!! I know this is still very high for a lot of people but this feels like a miracle for us!! We have hope of her going into remission with continued treatment....something we never would have dreamed of leaving the Mayo Clinic 14 months ago. I can not even express how thankful we are for you!!